Improve Your Walking Posture to Increase Your Height

improve your walking postureWalking posture can affect your height. If you want to grow taller faster, you should learn the correct walking posture and practice it all the time. Walking posture is the careful coordination of steps learned early in our toddler years. It takes time and patience to perfect your walking posture.

The body is designed to make walking effortless and natural. If the body becomes injured or unaligned, poor walking posture may occur. Poor walking posture will change your body’s center of gravity and make your movements less efficient. It also makes you look shorter.

Right walking posture will help you breathe easier and make you look taller. Techniques for good posture are as follows.

  • Hold your head up and keep your eyes looking forward.
  • Stand up straight and keep your body upright.
  • Try to put strain on the back muscles.
  • Chest up and shoulders back. Don’t arch your back.

Arm motion

  • Slightly bend your arms.
  • Swing your arms naturally.
  • Don’t clentch your hands and keep them loose in a partially closed curl.
  • At the top of your arm swing, your elbow should parallel with your breaststone.
  • At the bottom of your swing, your hand will brush your hip.

The feets

When you walk you should wear sports shoes. Don’t wear high heel shoes  if you want to practice the right posture.

  • Use your heel to Strike the ground.
  • Roll through the step from heel to toe.
  • Push off with your toe.
  • Extend your back leg forward to strike again with the heel.


  • Try to avoid overstriding and walk naturally.
  • If you want to walk fast, keep your stride smaller and increase the number of steps.
  • Focus on all the other posture points which will make your stride natural.


The right walking posture isn’t about walking faster. You should practice these walking posture techniques every time when you walk. Right walking posture will not only make you look taller and spirited, but also acturally increase your height by a few inches.

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