How to Increase HGH For Growing Taller?

You may have heared that HGH can help people grow taller. But what is HGH? How to increase our HGH levels effectively? How to grow taller with HGH?

What’s HGH? What we can benefit from HGH?

HGH is the abbreviation of human growth hormone. HGHIt’s a hormone usually produced in the pituitary gland of the human brain. HGH not only controls the growth of muscles, but also controls the growth of bones. Ofcourse, the longer our bones, the taller we will be. So HGH gives us a perfect solution to increase height naturally. Many people after puberty wonder if HGH could help them. In fact, even if you have passed through puberty, it doesn’t mean your growth plates are completely fused. There is still a good chance for people after puberty to use HGH in order to grow taller naturally. Even using HGH to increase your height might not be as effective if your growth plates fuse, it is still worth trying. Anyway, HGH has no side effects at all.

How to Increase your HGH Levels – Diet

If you really want to enhance your HGH levels, then you need to change your diet, sleep more and exercise. It is as simple as it sounds? Not really, because most people tend to underestimate the potential benefits after some time and do not focus on the diet and exercise programs any more. Most people give up after three or four weeks.

An ideal diet should include some amounts of protein, minimal sugar and minimal fats. It is proven that fats and sugar (especially the white sugar we all tend to consume) belongs to the macronutrients which prevent the secretion of HGH. On the other hand, Proteins enhance and enrich the production of HGH which helps our bodies get the proper amino acids so as to build new tissues and lean muscle mass.

hgh for growing taller

Insulin can also decrease the levels of HGH in our body; obesity as well. People who are somewhat overweight are most likely to have several health problems related to inflammations and hormonal imbalances, just because the levels of HGH are not high enough. We know that our bodies tend to decrease the amount of HGH produced as we grow older. This means that we cannot allow our body to slow down. We need to take action and changing our diet is the first and most important step.

Estrogens are the female sex hormones, which encourage fat without slowing down the metabolism. Men usually take supplements with estrogens blockers so as to encourage growth and block the accumulation of fat in the body. This results to a lean muscle mass. Testosterone boosters are something like the estrogens blockers and are mostly given to women; women by default cannot have the same muscle mass as men, simply because they lack testosterone. This is why men are usually taller and stronger than women. Taking some supplements can enhance the testosterone levels in the body, helping the bones

Take Growth Hormone Supplements to Grow Taller

The variety of supplements available today can be found in both capsule form and oral sprays. Usually you will find a combination of both HGH and secretagogues in these supplements. They actually help growth and HGH production but also provide your body with various essential minerals and vitamins. These supplements are supposed to also help your body heal better for times like when you finish a strenuous workout.


A secretagogue is a substance that stimulates the endocrine system to increase hormonal secretions. These come in the form of inactive or minute amounts of the hormone that you  wish to increase. They may also be a substance, or combination of
substances, designed to support and enhance the gland, or glands, that secretes the hormone. Glandular therapy, using dried versions of the gland in a powder or pill form, is another form of secretagogue use. Secretagogues have been used to boost many different hormones from growth hormone and testosterone to estrogen and serotonin levels.

Here are what experts and researchers, suggest about the HGH secretagogues. The following facts are based on medical literature:

  • Ornithine

Ornithine is derived from the amino acid arginine. High doses of oral ornithine have successfully raised growth hormone levels in some studies. Bucci, et al, investigated the effect of 40, 100 and 170 mg/kg of oral L-ornithine HCl on 12 bodybuilders. Twenty-five percent of the subjects experienced significant increases in serum growth hormone levels at the two lower doses, while half the subjects showed an increase in growth hormone at the highest dose. Growth hormone rose, in some cases, up to four times the baseline level.

  • Arginine

The ability of oral arginine to raise growth hormone has been investigated in numerous studies with conflicting results. For example, in one study, subjects given 6 grams of oral arginine experienced a 100% increase in plasma levels of arginine without any growth hormone release.(6) Other researchers administered oral arginine to 12 young and 5 elderly non-obese adults, all of whom had a body mass index (BMI) less than 30. The subjects participated in three trials: resistive weight-lifting exercise with no placebo; 5 grams of oral L-arginine only; and 5 grams of arginine supplementation prior to exercise.

When arginine was consumed at rest, it did not significantly raise HGH levels, compared with baseline values, in either the young or the old subjects. In fact, HGH levels in those consuming arginine at rest were significantly lower than during the exercise-only trial. Consuming arginine before exercise did not significantly raise the HGH concentrations in either the old or the young subjects, compared to exercise only. Surprisingly, the amount of HGH secreted in the exercise-plus-arginine trial was 20% less than during exercise only in the young subjects, indicating arginine may actually blunt growth hormone production, particularly in the young.

Studies reliably demonstrate that these are some of  the many beneficial effects of HGH.

  • Improved healing time and reduced infection rates after trauma or surgery
  • Enhanced skin thickness and elasticity
  • Diminished sun damage-type wrinkling
  • Decreased total body fat
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Increased bone mineral density
  • Improved cholesterol profile
  • Decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Increased HDL (good) cholesterol
  • Improved exercise capacity
  • Decreased recovery time between workouts
  • Improved blood flow to the kidney
  • Improved mood, coping skills, and over-all well-being
  • Improved general energy levels

Other methods of increasing the secretion of HGH

  • Correct your sleeping posture and have enough hours’ sleep. Right sleeping posture can help you enter a deeper sleep. Our bodies tend to produce more HGH when we get proper sleep during the night. Sleeping not only gives your body necessary rest, but also allows your body to develop and grow naturally.
  • Take exercises regularly. Exercises can facilitate the body’s metabolism and naturally increase the level of HGH in your body.

How to select an HGH product?

In order to using supplements for increasing height naturally, firstly you need to consult your doctor to see whether you actually need a HGH supplement or not. If so, you can select the best HGH supplement according to its price. Also, not everything expensive will be good. If this HGH product can help you grow taller is determined by its ingredients. In my opinion, there are top 10 HGH products you can choose from. I have listed them in a table below for comparison.

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