How To Find the Best Adjustable Ankle Weights 2017: The Definitive Guide

Are you interested in all pro best adjustable ankle weights buying ankle weights?

But not sure which one are ‘the best’ ones?

Or are they not fitting in your budget?

Worry no more.

I am going to help you out select the best pair of ankle (and wrist) weights.

Firstly, why should you trust our review?

Because we won’t be promoting or reviewing one product just because the company claims it’s the best one or because ‘I’ though it was the best one.

We will try to be as generic as possible. Because the truth is that an ankle weight can be excellent for me but may just suck for my neighbor.

It just depends on each of our personal experiences and preference.

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After reading out hundreds of reviews, searching Google extensively and based on my personal experience, I narrowed it down to 3 products that are completely worth their prices –

My way of choosing the best adjustable ankle weight is simple – it must have more pros and lesser cons.

That then calculated with price gives us our top 3 adjustable ankle weights.

Amazon Rating4.5/5 Stars4.1/5 Stars4.5/5 Stars
Customer Reviews390 Reviews424 Reviews128 Reviews
Number of Ankle Weights222
Total Weight10-lbs10-lbs10-lbs
Increments (lbs)1/211
Number of Weight Settings201010

Why these are the best adjustable ankle weights you can get?

Because all of them are –

  • Quality Products
  • Durable
  • Best Price-to-Value Ratio
  • Customizable Weight settings
  • Top notch customer reviews

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Narrowing down further, in my opinion the most important factor for chosing the best ones are price, weight settings and customer reviews.

When it comes to money, people always look to go for the cheapest but I always believe that fitness/gym related products are meant to last long. A few years at least. So spending a little bit more just so that they don’t become unusable in a short period is important.In case of adjustable ankle and wrist weights, you don’t want to compromise with the fitting or the material of the strap just for a few bucks.

Weight adjustments of all the above listed ankle weights is easy and quick. You can make them as heavy or light as you want by adding or removing the weight slabs. This way you can change the weights as per you needs.

Customer reviews will always help you buy the products you don’t regret in future. They are the real, current experiences of people with the product. Looking at the Amazon reviews will help you get a quick idea of what you should expect from the ankle weights.

But these reviews aren’t the end. Amazon reviews are some times manipulated. Sellers may use certain unethical practices to get full 5 start rating for their product which may leave you suffering.A simple way to spot out spurious/poor quality products is to check out the seller’s history and ratings. Also have a look at all the other products he is selling on Amazon. Also make sure the reviews are not created by fake account.


Personally, my vote goes to All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights  because they have many advantages over other but almost no cons. Furthermore, they are recommended by 390+ amazon customers, a fact you cannot ignore. But again many people prefer Valeo Adjustable Weights for their looks.

For me, nice set of features+satisfied customers is more than enough to make my decision and that’s what I’ll recommend to all of you. The other two are good as well but in the end only one product can be called ‘the best’.

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