How Tall I Will Be: Ways To Predict Your Future Height

Have you ever wondered how tall I will be when I grow up? Height has been a hot topic since birth. An outstanding height plays a significant part in improving one’s overall personally. When we predict our future height, there are many factors to consider instead of just simply take a look at our parents.

Understand factors that affect your height

  1. Genetics: Genetics play the most important role in deciding one’s final height. It explains why it’s so often seen that children are shorter if their parents are shorter.
  2. Food & Nutrition: It’s easy to understand as we are what we eat.
  3. Exercises: People who regular take exercises look healthy, just look at those atheletes! Doing exercises can stimulate the secretion of HGH. That’s why we say taking exercises is the best way to grow taller naturally.
  4. Healthy Lifestyle: Keep away from harmful drugs and quit smoking! Eat regularly and sleep well. A healthy lifestyle can ensure that you grow to your full potential.
  5. Abnormal Growth Patterns: Early or delayed growth are growth disorders. You’d better consult your doctor.

How to predict your future height

useful tools to predict height:

  1. Growth Chart: Growth charts are useful tools used by pediatricians, nurses, and parents to follow children’s growth over time. Boys’ growth charts are different from girls due to pubertal differences. This site is real an expert in growth charts. You can visit their website to acquire more knowledge about how to use growth charts.
  2. Height Calculator: The theory of height calculator is that it uses a linear regression analysis method to calculate children’s future height. Just by typing in children’s gender, age, current height and parents’ height, we can get the answer. Very quick and convinent. This is a link of height calculator:

simple methords to predict height:

  1. double your height at 2: Make a record of children’s height when they are 2 years old. Then we can predict children’s adult height by doubling their height at 2. Although the results are not very accurate, we can use them as references.
  2. use formula to predict your future height:
    • For girls: [(father's height - 5 inches) + mother's height] divided by two
    • For boys: [(mother's height + 5 inches) + father's height] divided by two

When will I stop grow taller? Can I grow taller after puberty?

There is no specific set age when you stop growing taller as height is affected by many factors. People with delayed growth can grow taller to full potential even after puberty with a doctor’s assistance.

What should I do to get taller during puberty? Is there a way to get taller?

Teenagers during puberty are full of energy. My best advice is to take exercises. Whether it’s basketball or swimming, just do it! Burn out your energy! After doing sports, we should have a good rest and sleep well. Keep a positive attitude to welcome every new day.

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