How Tall Is Kevin Durant’s Real Height

Kevin Durant Height 

Kevin Durant learned the one-legged fadeaway he borrowed from Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki.

“I wanted to learn it because I’m 6-9 and Dirk used it so much on us in the playoffs and in the regular season,” Durant said.

Well, from my observation, Kevin Durant is taller than 6-9 when compared to other NBA players.

What’s Durant’s actual height? Below are some photos of Durant I collect from the web.

Kevin Durant’s Height Compared to Greg Oden

Durant and Oden

Durant and Oden

Oden is 7 inches (2.13m) tall. He comes from the same season with Durant.

Kevin Durant’s Height Compared to Dirk Nowitzki

Durant and Nowitzki



Nowitzki is 7 inches tall.

Kevin Durant’s Height Compared to Kevin Love

Durant and Love

Kevin Love is 6-10. From the photo above, Durant is a little taller than Love.

Kevin Durant’s Height Compared to Center Tyson Chandler

Durant and Chandler


In National Team 2012, Durant is the second tallest man, only shorter than Chandler.

Kevin Durant’s Height Compared to Ibaka




Ibaka is 6′ 10″ tall. Durant is taller than Ibaka.

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