How Does Swimming Help You Grow Taller?

swimIt’s well known that taking exercises regularly is the most natural way to help increase our height. Among all kinds of exercises, I prefer to swim. Why? One reason is that I really enjoy swimming. I feel myself like a free bird in the swimming pool. Also, swimming is one of the best exercises to stretch your body and make you grow taller.

What happens when we are swimming?

During the swimming activities, our bodies float on the water. In such a situation, our bodies tactfully avoid the effect of gravity. Usually, the gravity hinders us from growing taller with downward force. Swimming can help decrease the amount of force being pressed down on you to the minimum. This will also decompress the disks between the vertebrate. Our bodies become nimble with additional twisting of the ankles and motion of the others joints like the knee and hips. By stretching your body, swimming can help lengthen your spine. Swimming is a great all-body exercise and ensures uniform growth of all body muscles.

Which is the best swimming stroke to use?

Any swimming stroke can work well to help you grow a few inches taller. Personally I prefer breaststroke. It’s also ok if you only master butterfly stroke. Any of the techniques used employs the use of different body facets. So if you are an expert in swimming, I recommend you to use different kinds of swimming stroke.

How long and how often?

In this case, consistency is more important than time. In fact, engaging in leisurely swims for about 30 minutes will yield good results. It’s highly recommended you keep swimming a good habit. Keep swimming everyday and the results will surprise you.


Swimming can help improve your posture and straighten your spine. In order to live a healthy life and grow taller, swimming is really worth our time!

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