Be Careful! These 5 Poor Posture Can Hinder You From Growing Taller

5_bad_postureHave you often suffered from back pain? This is probably due to your poor posture. People have picked up these poor posture over the years and you may not even realize these problems. These poor posture not noly stop you from growing taller, but also make you look shorter. Below I have concluded 5 most common posture problems.

1. Sleeping posture. The wrong sleep position can impair your body circulation and make your muscle cramped. You cann’t really rest well with a bad sleep position and you may feel tired the second day when you wake up. The right sleeping posture is to sleep on your back. Using pillows properly. Choose a flat pillow instead of a high one. You can place a pillow beneath your knees to flat your back slightly into the mattress. If you have other healthy problems such as shoulder pain, you can reference this article for more ideas. A right sleeping posture can help you gain a deep sleep and make you body secrete more HGH to boost your height.

right sleeping posture

2. Walking posture. With no doubt, a bad walking posture make you look shorter. We may easily get into this bad habit and find it hard to break. Because walking is such a natural thing that even we have been taught the right walking posture, we may forget it every now and then. In this situation, you can resort to hypnosis. Hypnosis communicate with your subconscious mind and make some conceptions  engraved in your memories. Hypnosis can help you break bad habits and develop the good ones.

So what’s the right walking posture? Stand up straight with your eyes looking forward. Don’t arch your back.  Do not lean forward or lean back. Chin up and breathe deeply. You can shrug once to fall and relax your shoulders.


3. Sitting Posture. Nowdays we are spending long periods of time sitting at a computer. You should carefully set the computer monitor, keyboard and chair in good positions to force you sit in an upright position. Don’t sit for too long. Take small breaks during your workday to help your muscle release tension.

right sitting posture

4. Scoliosis. This condition is very serious because your spine is severely curved which leads to a drastic loss of height. What’s more, scoliosis can result in other health problems. The best solution to overcome scoliosis is to do stretching exercises. In this post, I have listed top 26 stretching exercises to help you grow taller fast.

5. Bow Legs and Knock Knees. Special insoles and walk tall shoes can help break these bad habits. If you get into these bad habits since young, these problems will become difficult to cure. You’d better consult your personal doctor for the best solution.

In your journey of growing taller, you should try your best to overcome these 5 bad posture. Just imagine you  have successfully break these 5 bad posture, you look much more taller, you are more healthy and you become more confident! Do your best to develop right posture and grow taller as you wish!

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