About Me

JordanForever 23

Michael Jordan is my favorate NBA star. He grew from 5’10 to 6’3 from his sophmore to junior year in highschool. Final Height is 6’6. There is no doubt that Jordan’s height plays an important role in his brilliant NBA career. But in fact no one in his family is over 6’0, how can you explain it?

I just want to grow taller like Jordan!

I was quite interseted in it because once I was short. I always had a feeling of inferiority among people who were taller than me. I felt less attractive and less confidient. I knew I was smart, and I wasn’t a bad-looking guy either, but nobody took me seriously because of my height. I had to admit the fact that my height brought me so much truble and I lost so many precious chances just because of my height. I WANT TO CHANGE! I WANT TO GROW TALLER! After reading books about getting taller and doing an extensive research, I planned to practice it. Finally by around 21, I was able to get the height I had been hoping for.

Now, I want to share my method and help more people grow taller!

Many people are not satisfied with their height. So I build this website, howtogrowtallerhelper.com, to share my experience and help others learn the tricks that helped me. I hope you can benefite from this website and grow taller as you wish!